Behind the Scenes with GAMA Professional Hair Tools with Leonardo Facchini

Behind the Scenes with GAMA Professional Hair Tools with Leonardo Facchini

Leonardo Facchini is the Export Director of GAMA, a Made in Italy professional hair care brand. Established in 1969, GAMA is the oldest professional hair care brand Made in Italy. For the past 40 years, GAMA’s mantra has been “To produce professional beauty and styling tools” and this goal has helped them to produce hair dryers, straighteners, and other tools for over 50 countries. Recently, we asked Leonardo questions about GAMA, their history, and Italian culture. To learn more about GAMA and see the products that they offer, visit their website at


Beauty Made in Italy: Can you give us an overview of the GAMA brand?

Facchini: GAMA is the oldest professional brand in Italy. The company was started in 1969 in Bologna. The first product created by GAMA was a straightening iron and it was actually the first straightener ever created. GAMA now creates, manufactures, and distributes a full range of electric hair tools.


Beauty Made in Italy: What makes GAMA so special?

Facchini: GAMA is such a special brand because we were the first flat iron manufacturer. Also, because of our long history, we are front runners in terms of technology and innovation. GAMA is also so special because of our vast Italian flare and style that can be seen through our products and brand.


Beauty Made in Italy: Do you have any upcoming plans for the United States?

Facchini: The United States is the next stop for GAMA. We have been working on and getting our new certification for our products to be sold in the US. In late July, a full new range of flat irons with new ceramic will be launching in the United States.


Beauty Made in Italy: Why is the United States so important for GAMA?

Facchini: The United States is so important for GAMA because it is the largest market in the world. We sell our products in over 50 countries and they’re all very important but the United States is by far the largest and extremely valuable to enter.


Beauty Made in Italy: What is your favorite place to visit in Italy?

Facchini: It’s so hard to choose just one place! I am an all around lover of Italy. There is so much different nature and culture throughout Italy. I love the Alpine area in the north but also love the south of Italy and Sicily.


Beauty Made in Italy: What is your favorite Italian meal?

Facchini: Surprisingly, not pizza! My favorite Italian meal would have to be pasta but not just plain spaghetti. I really love tortellini and stuffed pasta especially when it is stuffed with fish and in a fish type of sauce. So delicious!