Beauty Made in Italy Incubator



The Beauty Made in Italy program is comprised of three distinct tracks for companies in different ages and stages of their business. Step one for Italian beauty brands looking to enter the US market, the Business Incubator is designed to educate early-stage companies on the particularities of the US beauty industry, American consumer behavior, and best practices in how to approach the US market.


Companies in the Business Incubator have access to an array of market education tools such as webinars hosted by industry experts, an extensive resource library containing articles and reports about key insights in the US beauty market, and monthly newsletters that outline news, promotional opportunities, trade shows, and more. Companies also receive a branded page on the Beauty Made in Italy website, and the opportunity to be featured on social media. For a small fee, Business Incubator brands may opt to participate in a brand review session, in which an expert review board will test hero products and provide recommendations on US market activities in an thorough report.


To be eligible to join the Beauty Made in Italy Business Incubator, companies must be incorporated in Italy and provide their Partita IVA to apply. Ideal companies for the Business Incubator have a basic understanding of the US market and consumer, and are looking to deepen their knowledge, as well as launch or grow in the US.


To learn more, or to join the Beauty Made in Italy Business Incubator, please contact us here.