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About Acqua Di Bolgheri


In 2008 Dr.Taffi Bionatural Research Laboratories (founded in 1987 by biologist Dr. Enio Taffi) launched on national and international markets Acqua di Bolgheri brand that has quickly become the most famous brand of the company. Focus on strong values of Taffi Family, Acqua Di Bolgheri is the hidden germ of Tuscany.


It is an exclusive cosmetic collection that recalls the perfumes and colours of Bolgheri. It’s a famous medieval village in the centre of Tuscany where noble prize poet Giosuè Carducci was born and wrote famous poem “Davanti San Guido” about. The cosmetic line contains local, natural ingredients: organic olive oil, flowers and local plants picked with a great sense of respect for nature. With each and every product of the collection just as initilially envisioned, elegant, soothing and 100% natural, Taffi family takes the great pride in creating the most pure perfumes and lotions available without ever compromising their values.


The line is Organic (certified by AIAB Institute), Vegan, Lav, Nichel and dermatologically tested. With Acqua di Bolgheri brand the society opened franchising shops in Tuscany, Italy and all over the world (ex. Rotterdam, Tokyo).