About This Project

About Holiday Depilitori


At Holiday, we still believe that high quality brings success. Quality is the best means to gain the trust of clients and satisfaction is better than the numbers in the closing balance at year’s end.


However, we do like to refer to one number: 1975, the year in which Vincenzo Vizzini decided to stake his wager on hair removal products to establish himself in the cosmetics industry, which just a few years later would realize the importance of hair removal treatments. In 2005 Holiday became Co. Ltd with offices in a company owned building. We make products that are sold in over 30 countries worldwide. But we do not intend to stop here. Continuous R&D on new products, new technologies and increasingly higher levels of quality are the proof of our commitment and the basis of our hope for future growth, in every area.


Finally, we are a dynamic company, always ready to accept new challenges and to evaluate all of the ideas that our clients and our collaborators bring us.